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Classes Begin January 2nd, 2018
Classes Begin January 2nd
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                                                         Winter Newsletter 

Welcome 2018!
We are excited to begin our Winter-Spring Session at Colorado Dance Center. We understand our students come from several different school districts, therefore we have chosen to continue to remain open during all spring breaks . The studio will also remain open during Monday holidays this January and February including MLK day and Presidents Day.  

Nutcracker DVDs and Blu-rays will still be available to purchase through the end of January. They are professionally edited and are a great keepsake for your dancer. Nutcracker dvds are $25 and Blu rays are $30 with payments made to Colorado Dance Center. Please submit order forms at the front desk or through our Colorado Dance app.  

Friendship Week is February 8th-14th. Dancers are invited to bring a friend to the studio and share their love of dance! 
2018 Summer Performance

The Performance Date and story will be announced as soon as we receive a written contract for the Lone Tree Arts Center’s theater. Many of you are already making summer vacation plans, and we appreciate your patience. We usually receive summer booking confirmations the beginning of March. As always, we request the theater for the last week of July. *Performance Policy states that dancers must be enrolled and participating in classes by March to be eligible to participate in the performance. The dancer must attend all required classes to participate (if the class meets more than once a week, you must be attending both classes to participate). * 

Snow Day Reminder:
Please check the studio website ( on bad weather days. Colorado Dance Center posts studio closings at 2pm on the homepage. The studio typically closes if the main roads are not cleared by 2 in the afternoon. You may also text Tina at 7220-280-8603 to see if the studio is closed, or if you have any questions please call.

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