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"Governor's Award For Raising Colorado"
"Best of the Best Dance Studio" 
by Colorado Community Newspapers
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     Colorado Dance Center celebrates its 35th anniversary with an original presentation of “The Nutcracker Children's Classic.” This performance showcases dancers ages 3-18 as they perform the classic children's story of a young girl, Clara, who receives a Nutcracker doll at her family's Christmas party. Later that night Clara dreams about mice in her house. The mice are stealing her toys and taking over her house, when her beloved Nutcracker doll comes to life and defeats the Mouse King. After saving Clara the Nutcracker transforms into a handsome prince and takes Clara through the the Snowy Forrest and up into the clouds to the Land of Sweets. Dazzling sweets such as, The Sugar Plum fairy welcome their Nutcracker Prince and his new Princess Clara. Suddenly, Clara awakens with her Nutcracker doll in her arms and wonders if it was all a dream, or a magical enchanted night! 

    Colorado Dance Center believes in the power of positivity. The staff is selected with great care to provide students with outstanding dance instruction. Whether your dancer’s goals are recreational or pre-professional, they want each student to achieve their best. Ballet, Hip-hop, Jazz, and Contemporary styles of dance are taught in a non-competitive environment. Come experience the difference!

                                                     'More than a recital'
All dancers are invited to perform in our annual Summer Performance. Each July an original story is written. Dance should be more than a recital! Colorado Dance Center teaches the importance of telling a story through dance. Each piece has meaning and emotion and dancers of all styles of dance work together to tell an uplifting story. 
Saturday Nutcracker Rehearsal Times
       (September & October)

8-9am     Sugar Plum & Dolls
9-12pm   (Normal Saturday Classes)
12-1pm    Angels & Spanish
1-2pm      Snow & Flowers
2-3pm      Party Scene Dancers
3-4pm      Mice & Soldiers
4-5pm      Mother Ginger Candy Dancers
5-6pm      Chinese & Russian
6-7pm      Arabian & Marzipan
    Saturday Nutcracker Rehearsal Times
            (November & December)

Act I        1-3pm
Act II        4-6pm

(Act I Dancers: Party Scene, Dolls, Mice, Soldiers, Snow)

(Act II Dancers: Sugar Plum, Flowers, Angels, Spanish, Arabian, Marzipan, Mother Ginger Candy, Chinese, Russian)
First Practice Begins September 2nd
Performance Fee $50 Due September 2nd
​Please Check The Whole List As You May Be In Multiple Dances